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If digital typesetting is in your mind, then Vision Tech is one of the top typesetting companies happy to serve you!

Optimal solutions for Digital Typesetting

Typesetting is a process that involves processing text and illustrations into specified patterns to form a complete document for printing. Traditionally it was about assembling letters and words and now its software based. An organized publishing is what Vision Tech helps you with.

The following are the applications we can assist you:

  • Adobe InDesign CS
  • QuarkXPress
  • Frame maker
  • MS-Word
  • TeX/LaTeX
  • Inmath
  • Math Type
  • Power math

Professional Typesetting Approach by Vision Tech

Vision Tech utilizes unique methods to perform digital typesetting based on XML workflow to maintain the integrity of the XML file throughout the various stages in a production cycle. XML flow can be generated by demand through various methods.

Composition services are also provided by Vision Tech for books and STM journals.

Right from simple text pages to complex equations of mathematics, our team of experts caters services with uncompromisable quality.

Experts in XML and non- XML flow

Vision Tech has the right people to select you the correct fonts, justification, style, line, paragraph and work to handle typesetting in the most organized manner. The professional team can assist you with both XML and Non-XML flow of typesetting.

Get nothing but the best from Vision Tech

Being one of the best typesetting companies, Vision Tech works towards attaining cent percent client satisfaction through our services.

Profession Typesetting services are a mail away

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