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Localization services that are of one of the kind quality and perfection. Get services for all global languages

Reliable Content Localization

If you are in need of effective multilingual desktop publishing services in Usa, then you are in right hands by partnering with Vision Tech. Our specialists keep perfection as their main motive to localize documents in all the languages globally. The team of experts ensures that the right tools are used to acquire accuracy

Some of our localization services include:

  • Text Extraction (OCR Scanning)
  • Source Recreation
  • Template Creation for new layout
  • End to End multilingual DTP
  • Target Check Fix
  • DTP-QA Check
  • Evaluating and setting up the documentation project
  • Stylesheet and template designing
  • Fixing the layout of translated material
  • Image Conversion
  • Converting or generating output of translated material in multiple formats (Manuals, Catalogue, Instruction Guide, Medical Documentation, etc.)
  • Performing quality checks on finalized translated material

Error-free Website and Content localization

Keeping timely delivery in mind our professional group works towards attaining it by letting the client know of it right from email communication to production delivery. To acquire an error-free project a time-to-time checkup of every task from manuscript stage to the final delivery stage is observed keenly.

Handling services in various platforms right from Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat

Localization translation services at affordable rates

Our expert teams handle localization translation services with the latest tools available. They ensure to maintain standards of typography and linguists that are required for each language group.

Round the clock support system

Vision Tech strives hard to provide support to clients throughout the year. The support team works in all time zones to attain to client queries.

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